Love your library

In our digital world the library Is a bit of a retreat. Of course there's the computers in use there most of the time but the aisles of books are still the main feature. I love perusing the books, waiting anxiously for holds to arrive, flipping through magazines and even renting DVDs for shows we … Continue reading Love your library



I've gotten into the habit of being my lunch to work everyday - almost guaranteed at this point thankfully but this wasn't always the way. Quite often a couple years ago I'd be going to the coffee shop a few doors down from and grabbing mediocre food to get through the day - costing probably … Continue reading Lunch

FU Money

I know there's a few people that talk about financial independence being f u money and I'm beginning to see it that way lately. Due to unexpected circumstances I've been working 6-7 day weeks from December or so until a couple weeks ago and I've reached my boiling over point. Ironically, it's not until I … Continue reading FU Money


This is the place where I feel like I struggle the most to save money. I'm picky about what we eat - organic produce & sprouted grains, grass fed meat and dairy. So it's an ongoing battle of how to save money without compromising on quality. The Success this month has been avoiding lunches and … Continue reading Groceries