168 Hours and what are we doing with them?

I've recently read the book called 168 hours and it's given me an amazing perspective on time. A 7 day week equals a 168 hours and the book encourages you to chronicle your time by hitting down exactly what you're doing hour by hour every day including sleep, time wasted watching tv or phone surfing, … Continue reading 168 Hours and what are we doing with them?


Free and Cheap Entertainment..

In most cities, there's many free festivals, markets to wander through, summer concerts, even free fitness classes sometimes. Here's a few ways we do low cost or free entertainment. Put free swim or skates into your calendar so you remember to take advantage (ours are usual on holidays when we're all looking for something to … Continue reading Free and Cheap Entertainment..


I've gotten into the habit of being my lunch to work everyday - almost guaranteed at this point thankfully but this wasn't always the way. Quite often a couple years ago I'd be going to the coffee shop a few doors down from and grabbing mediocre food to get through the day - costing probably … Continue reading Lunch